Will Privette, NC State wheelchair fan rescue: TODAY show spotlights basketball's C.J. Leslie rescue

Looking back now, NC State fan Will Privette says "it was such a stupid idea" to storm the court in his wheelchair following his team's win over Duke.

However, "people ask would I do it again? Yeah, I would", he told ACC Live host Jeff Fischel .

It wasn't Privette's first time storming the court in his wheelchair.  He did the same three years earlier when NC State won over Duke.

But this time the crowd quickly overwhelmed him, knocking him out of his chair and onto the court.

Privette filmed the entire ordeal with his phone. His video shows him cheering and suddenly being knocked over.

During the telecast, sportscaster Dick Vitale noticed his wheelchair being swallowed by the crowd and voiced concern over his safety.

Luckily he was pulled to safety by NC State player C.J. Leslie, who was able to yell to the people around him to make enough space so he could rescue Privette from the court floor.

Since the video went viral, Privette has been swamped with media interviews.

Both Privette and Leslie spoke with the TODAY show Tuesday morning.

Mobile users can watch the video here: http://bit.ly/UnZTuW

Source: ACC Live http://bit.ly/ZT1vx5

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