'We're Not Young' Yahoo video parody of Gen-Xers

(EndPlay Staff Reports) - The chart topping song "We Are Young" has been reworked and parodied into a humorous song about being in your 30s titled "We're Not Young."

Yahoo!'s SketchY comedy series, along with singers Tommy Fields and Nikki Foyer, joined together to make the video, which was the result of an idea from co-creators Nate Smith and Nick Ross during a dinner out, Yahoo! Music reported.

"I'm 33. I'm on the verge of getting married. I am back and forth between NYC and LA- not entirely sure where and when I'm going to settle. I am facing regular rejection with auditions and show pitches. I spend a lot of my time just scared and dealing with the fear. Oh--- did I just accidentally mistake this email for a page in my journal?" Smith explained some of his feelings that inspired the lyric changes.

The original song by Fun. has lyrics that revolve around the carefree feeling of being young and having no worries – completely opposite of what the parody conveys.

With lyrics like, ""Now I know that I'm fat, shut up about that. I guess I'll do elliptical, maybe I can finally do that yoga class. But I'll probably watch HD-TV, gonna stay at home and watch 'Modern Family,'" and references to starting a blog and being distracted by the popular smartphone game Words With Friends, the video and song continue to gain in popularity because of how relatable it is.

Co-creator Ross said, "The reaction of the video has been incredible … We wanted [it] to be relatable and sad. While we were shooting, we would direct everyone with degrees of sadness. 'Alright, now go to your level 8 sad and depressed … Great!' It startled me how many times people on the crew would crack up at the actors looking sad and forlorn into the camera. It gave us hope for the vid."

In the comments on Yahoo! Music's site, Tomb666 wrote, "I don't know if I should be LMAO or hiding in the closet bawling my eyes out. I turn 35 on Friday and this parody is my life in a nutshell."

Watch the "We're Not Young" video.

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