Wayne Houchin, magic trick gone wrong video: 'Breaking Magic' star's head catches fire on live TV

A magic trick on live TV went terribly wrong in the Dominican Republic, and video of the incident has gone viral.

'Breaking Magic' star Wayne Houchin is recovering after a TV show's host threw flaming Aqua de Florida cologne in his face and his entire head caught fire, according to lasvegasweekly.com .

According to the report, Houchin suffered burns on his head, face, neck, and hand, and he's calling the incident a "criminal attack."

Houchin wrote on his Facebook page: "This was not a stunt or part of an act...[T]his was a criminal attack."

You can watch video of the incident in the video player below, but be warned, it may be too graphic for some and there is some adult language.

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