Washing machine child on Today Show: Mom Sakia David speaks about incident with her son Samier

A surveillance video that shows a man putting a child in a New Jersey washing machine has gone viral.

The little boy wasn't hurt, but his family is pretty upset about the incident.

Doreen Bey still can't believe someone did that to her 1-year-old grandson Samier. It was all caught on surveillance video at a laundromat in Camden, New Jersey.

"Nobody should ever put a child in a washing machine," said Bey.

The only one angrier than Davis is Samier's mother who left her one-year-old with the babysitter a couple of weeks ago when the incident occurred. 

"I never knew nothing about it," said Sakia David, Samier's mother.

She didn't find out about the incident until the video hit the news.

David went on the Today Show with her son Thursday to speak about the incident.

She said she watched in shock as an employee cut the power to the machine freeing Samier from his wild ride.

"That's her and that's my baby," she said. "That's all I said, but she just said it wasn't her. So I just said all right, so it might not be her."

That wasn't the truth. The babysitter took Samier to the hospital and never said a thing to his mother.

Now the babysitter is no longer answering David's phone calls, and she has no idea who the man in the video is.

Police do though. They spoke witht he couple and determined no purposeful endangerment occurred.

"I think it was an accident," David said. "I don't think he meant to do it like that."

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