Volkswagen-sized hornet nest: Norman, Pat Bush of Greenville, Florida concerned about massive hive

GREENVILLE, Fla.-- When Norman and Pat Bush walk outside of their home they see a massive nest of hornets.

The large nest hangs along a tree off of Lovett road in Greenville, Florida.

Bush called Madison County Animal Control to come take a look at the situation. They say the nest is approximately 20 feet in circumference and about the size of a Volkswagen.

"I want them to get rid of it ASAP, I'm afraid of bugs and things like that," Pat Bush said.

"Yes, it concerns me, somebody wants to come by and was to shoot it or something like that I'm sure that they'd swarm everywhere. Imagine if a child or something was out in my yard and they all attack that child, that would be bad news," Norman Bush said.

So far, the flying insects have not bothered the Bush family... but they don't want to take any chances.

Animal control officials are now working on ways to remove the nest.