VIDEO: Viral video shows heartwarming arm-wrestle contest between homeless men for money

A viral video recently answered a tough question: How much would you give if you had nothing to give?

The video, posted online in late July, features two young men known as "Model Pranksters."

The men have $100 to give to someone on the streets, but they make a game of it and film it in the middle of the city.

They challenge two strangers, both homeless men asking for money, to an honest arm wrestle. The winner of the challenge would get the cash prize and the loser would leave empty-handed, or so they think.

At the end of the challenge, the men secretly plan to give the loser a second-place prize as well, but the real compassion comes after the cash is handed out.

Watch the video below to see the amazing moment between to complete strangers who have almost no money and very little to their name but big hearts.

The guys who put on the contest wanted to do a small act of kindness, but were astounded at what happened beyond their control.

Others who observed the moment were too taken aback at how powerful compassion can be.

Other videos on the "Model Pranksters" YouTube channel include social experiments and more pranks.

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