VIDEO: 'JetMan' Yves Rossy soars over Alps

(EndPlay Staff Reports) - Former Swiss Air Force pilot Yves "Jetman" Rossy continues to enjoy his love of flying. Now he just does it without the plane.

Rossy became the "Jetman" in 2006 when, according to the project's website , he became the first man to fly with a jet-propelled wing. He crossed the Swiss Alps in 2008 and crossed the English Channel later the same year in an event broadcast live to 165 countries.

A recently released training video shows that Rossy, at 52, is still not keeping his feet on the ground.

The four-minute test flight video shows Rossy and his 'Jetman' suit flying over the Alps. He can be seen soaring through the air and doing loops with nothing but his body and the suit to guide him.

The Daily Mail reported that Rossy's wing suit weighs about 120 pounds and has a wing span of 79 inches. It averages 125 mph. Its engine runs on a mix of kerosene and 5 percent turbine oil.

Ten years of development and more than 15 prototypes went into the custom-built suit he wears today. He started with two model jet turbines before moving up to four, which lets him do more aerobatic feats.

Along with the English Channel, which was a 13-minute flight, the Daily Mail reported that Rossy completed an eight-minute flight over the Grand Canyon.

Watch the "Jetman" flying over the Swiss Alps.

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