VIDEO: Car crashes into restaurant in Laverton, Australia: Diners at Fresh Chilli Thai injured

It's the instant a casual dinner turned chaotic.

In Laverton, Australia, Fresh Chilli Thai Restaurant was preparing to close.

The last table full of diners were about to leave, when their after dinner conversation was brought to a dramatic end.

The driver had lost control of his bread van and crashed through the shop-front, knocking the patrons off their chairs and pinning some against a wall, among them, a young child.

Incredibly, three of them suffered only minor injuries.

The shocked staff were caught up in the confusion in the immediate aftermath.

Earlier, the driver had been eating just a few tables away from the people he hit.

Police allege 57 year old man had been driving through the main street of Laverton after leaving the restaurant, when he veered across a median strip, mounted the curb and then sped into the shop front.

He was trapped inside the van, but was uninjured.

Police were on scene within five minutes of the crash taking place.

A preliminary breath test revealed the driver was almost four times the legal alcohol limit.

The man allegedly blew 0.179 on a breathalyzer.