Two large alligators discovered in backyard of South Daytona, Florida home, animals kept as pets

Two large alligators were found in the backyard of a South Daytona, Florida home and neighbors just learned they've been there for years.

The approximately 6-foot gators were found at the home Thursday night.

Police and wildlife officials want them gone, but the owners are out of town.

"While they were pulling weeds they heard something hitting back. They looked over the fence and saw two large 6- to 7-foot alligators," said Lt. Dan dietrich with South Daytona police.

Dietrich says it was next door neighbors who discovered some of their neighbors were real animals.

Police say the owner told them he raised gators from eggs.

One is 12 and one, 14, but he has no license or permit to raise them here.

There are caging and land requirements in the city, not to mention the potential danger because look who has been watching all this commotion.

"There's the back of a church day care where there's children 500 feet away, where they play out here every day. Not that they would get out here and go over there, but there are two 7-foot alligators in this backyard as pets," said Lt. Dan dietrich with south daytona police.

Neighbors said the owner told them he was raising show rabbits for sale and we do see rabbits back here too.

But police speculate the rabbits may be gator food.

Officials are trying to obtain the owner's permission to remove the animals.

The owner could face misdemeanor charges for keeping the animals.