Beats headphones box contain cans of tuna instead, teen girl disappointed with Christmas gift

BOTHELL, Wash. - Steve Lopez says he ordered a set of Beats Headphones for his 14-year-old daughter online.  When she opened the box, however, instead of finding tunes she found tuna.

The headphones had been ordered through Wal-Mart. 

The store didn't have them in stock, so they were ordered online and shipped to a local store. 

Wrapped under the tree and then opened, the teenager found four cans of tuna inside the container, much to the shock of the family.

"I was upset," Lopez said. "My daughter was crying … had tears in her eyes."

An executive with the headphones company heard the story and gave the teen a new pair of Beats. 

"I can only imagine what was going through her head.  So hopefully this will help her be a little bit happier and get something she was actually looking forward to for Christmas," said Lindsay Merkle of Beats by Dre.

The family is in contact with Wal-Mart, trying to find out why the tuna was in the package.

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