Truck stuck in tree 10 feet off the ground in Oregon, investigators not sure how it got there

SHERWOOD, Oregon -- Investigators in Oregon are trying to figure out how this pickup truck got lodged 10 feet up a tree.

The truck was spotted Sunday morning near a highway in Sherwood.

Authorities used heat sensors to make sure no one was inside.

They say it appears the truck had been empty for some time.

A towing company was called in to remove it.

Tow truck driver Scott Gunderson said, "…pretty impressive. Had to have been going a high rate of speed, went through the ditch, hit a perfect ramp and to launch itself about ten feet up the tree and stay in the tree was pretty impressive."

The driver, 19-year-old Emily Van Vleck, was cited for hit-and-run and criminal mischief.

Just how the truck ended up in the tree remains unclear.