Triumph the Insult Comic Dog crashes Lynn debate, ambushes Evan Axelbank

Amid the political celebrities and national press on hand at Monday night's debate at Lynn University in Boca Raton was a certain canine interloper.

Triumph the Insult Comic Dog from Conan O'Brien's show on TBS was in the Spin Room making the rounds, dispensing his trademark brand of lowbrow insult jokes.

As reporters scrambled to get sound bites from party bigwigs and do live shots for networks and TV stations across the world, Triumph, a dog puppet voiced by comedian Robert Smigel, mocked the politicians, toyed with, interrupted and generally disrupted the reporters.

Among the targets of Triumph's shenanigans was WPTV's Evan Axelbank. As Axelbank prepared to do a live shot for the late news, Triumph came up and started cracking jokes.

"You're about to ruin a live shot," said Axelbank, with a smile. Triumph then cracked a joke about Boca and moved on.

The video aired Thursday night on Conan.

You can watch it below or at this link:  The exchange happens about five minutes into the bit.


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