Tour guide feeds gator marshmallow from mouth

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. - It’s the video that has gone viral, an airboat tour guide feeding an alligator by hand, and by mouth!

The video is almost unbelievable. A man swimming in a Louisiana swamp with two alligators!

The man then feeds one of the gators a marshmallow, from his own mouth!

In Florida feeding or disturbing alligators is against the law, and if you get caught, you can get arrested.

‘"They get arrested and they get big fines, second offenses are more money and sometimes even jail time,” said Wild' Lyle Thomas.

Lyle operates Loxahatchee Everglades Tours and takes people out to see alligators every day.

“When we take people out on a boat, that’s the number one thing people ask is, when are you going to feed the alligators. We say that we don’t do this because then we create something of a monster.”

The thought is that by feeding the alligators like you see in the  video, that there going to always equate humans with their food, and you definitely don’t want an alligator like big Joe coming up looking for a snack.

“They don’t know the difference between and hand, and a hand out,” said Lyle.

Lyle says when people do stuff like this, they are not only putting their lives at risk, but the gators' too

“Here you are having one of the neatest animals that God ever created being killed because of what humans have thought that they could get away with doing,” he said.

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