Today Show reveals Charla Nash's new face after chimpanzee attack and surgery

Charla Nash, a woman viciously attacked by her friend's pet chimpanzee more than two year's ago, has revealed her new face on the Today Show.

After the attack, Nash was left with a mangled and unrecognizable face -- her eyes, lips and mouth gone.

But now, with incredible surgery, Nash has a nose, lips and prosthetic eyes.

With a donor face molding to her bone structure, Nash said she has started returning to her normal life before the attack.

In May, doctors performed a grueling 20-hour surgery to give Nash her new face. But she developed pneumonia, which led to low blood flow in her new hands, and they had to be removed, according to the Today Show.

Because of this she cannot feel her own face.

Nash was permanently blinded in the attack, so she cannot see her face either. She has to depend on the feedback of others to know what she looks like.

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