Today Show interviews Facebook dad Tommy Jordan, daughter Hannah Marie after YouTube laptop shooting

The Today Show interviewed Tech-savvy IT North Carolina father Tommy Jordan and his daughter Hannah Marie after he disciplined her by shooting her laptop and posted the video on YouTube.

You can watch the interview below (no access mobile):

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Jordan was blocked from his 15-year-old daughter's Facebook page, but still came across the rants she posted about chores and responsibilities at home, saying she is treated like a "slave" and should get paid for all of her contributions.

In a video titled "Facebook Parenting: For the troubled teen," Jordan sits down in front of a camera, reads the Facebook post and decides to teach his daughter a very memorable lesson.

Jordan unloads nine-rounds of bullets into the laptop, then goes on to ground her for "years."

The video description says, " Maybe a few kids can take something away from this… If you're so disrespectful to your parents and yourself as to post this kind of thing on Facebook, you're deserving of some tough love. Today, my daughter is getting a dose of tough love."

To watch the video go to this link (NOTE: This video contains graphic language that may be offensive to some viewers):

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