Today Show finds massive crocodile in photo is NOT a crock

Deep in Australia's northern territory, lurking along the Adelaide River, giant saltwater crocodiles infest the water.

Among them, Brutus, the giant predator who recently made headlines around the world after leaping from the water, dangerously close to a boat full of tourists.

He was said to be 18-feet-long, weighing a whopping 2,000 pounds. To get a glimpse of this massive croc for ourselves, we joined Adelaide River Cruises and their colorful tour guide.

It only took 30 minutes for our first look at Brutus.

70 to 80-years-old, locals say Brutus lost his front leg after a run-in with a shark. He's missing teeth, they say, from regularly feasting on wild boars.

Deadly and extremely powerful, saltwater crocs kill their prey using their incredible jaw pressure. a sight to see for tourists.

While Brutus may be a monster, he's not even the biggest beast of the bunch in the river. His brother, known as the Dominator, has Brutus beat, measuring in at 20 feet long.

The river cruises have come under fire since a photograph of a leaping Brutus surfaced. Some say the tours are dangerous. But the company insists they've done more than 10,000 cruises over the past 20 years without a single incident.