Today Show boyfriend prank YouTube video spotlight: Man poses as robber to scare girlfriend

Most boyfriends like to sweep their girlfriends of their feet with romantic surprises, and then there's this guy.

YouTube poster viruz5 decided he'd take the lady in his life off guard by sneaking into her apartment and waiting for her...disguised as a robber.

With the camera rolling, he prefaced the prank letting YouTube viewers know that he plans to spook his girlfriend and her sister to return from work.

To up the realism factor, he had a 32" t.v. and a duffle bag in hand when the women came to the apartment about an hour later.

Just as he'd hoped, the women were frightened out of their minds, screaming at the top of their lungs as they jetted out of the apartment.

This joke has earned him the title "world's worst boyfriend" all over the internet.

Is he really that bad, or should people just have a better sense of humor?

View the video below, or watch it here:

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