'Tips For Jesus' Bar Louie Ann Arbor, MichIgan: Waiter gets $3,000 from anonymous man

ANN ARBOR, Mich. - It started out as a normal, if busy day at work in Ann Arbor, Mich., for Bar Louie's server Ben Swerdlow-Freed. 

"I had a 75 person party out back and the servers asked me to take another table," he said.

Swerdlow-Freed knew he had a full plate, but he wanted to be a team player.  He didn't just take the extra table.  He took it with a good attitude.  He greeted two men, chatted with them, learned one was visiting from California for a game at the Big House.

He served them. 

"They drank a few beers, ate a little," said Swerdlow-Freed.

Then it came time to pay.  They handed him a $3,000 tip.

When he asked them why, he was told he gave them the perfect beer recommendation.

"It was Bell's Two Hearted Ale, one of our Michigan craft beers," said Swerdlow-Freed.

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The tip made his life easier for a while.  It allowed him to pay off a year's worth of phone bills and car insurance.  It also allowed him to take his co-workers out for drinks.

"We tipped some other servers very well," said Swerdlow-Freed.

He has since learned he isn't the only one who got such a tip.  Someone spotted a picture of his receipt on the Tips For Jesus Instagram Account .  It is an account apparently held by the anonymous man who is traveling the country and tipping big.