Time capsule from 1966 discovered in home wall, returned to family of woman who left it

PHOENIX - Contractor John Murray was knocking down walls of his 1950s four-bedroom home in North Phoenix when he found the contents of a partially opened time capsule.

"We've done hundreds of houses, but never found anything like this," he told television station KPNX.

Inside the capsule was a photo of a family from another era and an open letter written for a future generation.

"The time capsule buried date is Sept. 27th, 1966," he said.

The message was written by a 33-year-old Betty Klug. 

The Vietnam War, racial tensions and the Beatles were all highlighted in the note.

Betty's husband Bruce is 79 years old and lives in Scottsdale.

John presented the contents of the time capsule to Bruce, who was unaware his wife had left it behind in their old home. 

He says Betty followed politics closely. 

Years after she had deposited the capsule in the walls of their home, Betty died in a car crash. 

The time capsule provided a window into memories of times spent with his wife.

"It's been an awesome experience for sure," Bruce said.

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