The List TV Show: Tips for getting best airline seat for cheap

When it comes to airline seats, you may have noticed comfort is going to cost you.  If you want extra leg room, or a window or aisle seat you can expect to shell out as much as 100 bucks round trip, if you pick your seat when you buy your ticket.

Travel expert Johnny Jet says it's all a game the airlines play to make money but you can still get a great seat without forking over the cash.  Here is Johnny's to do list to get the best seat on the cheap.

1.  Check the seat map:  Before you buy your ticket check the seat map and choose the flight with the most available seats but don't choose a seat.

2.  Check 24 hours before your flight: Seats are always opening and closing in the days right before your flight, so check back 100 hours, 72 hours and 24 hours before takeoff.  Frequent fliers will get upgraded 24 hours in advance and that means their coveted seats will be up for grabs. This is a great time to get a window, aisle or extra leg room.  If you don't have the time or patience to keep checking find a website to help with the heavy lifting; and both do the work for you although there may be a small fee associated with it.

3.  Arrive early:  As a last resort get to the airport as early as possible, and bring a box of chocolates (or two) for the flight attendants or gate agents and ask if they can get you into a better seat.

Three first class tips for frugal flying on the breakdown.

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