Taylor Morris, Danielle Kelly: Today Show spotlights love story of surviving quadruple amputee

Taylor Morris and Danielle Kelly are high school sweethearts whose love story is captivating the world.

On Monday, the Today Show featured the couple because of a series of 22 photos published on Buzzfeed.com that has caught everyone's attention.

According to the Huffington Post, Morris was hit by an explosive device in May while serving in Afghanistan and became one of the few surviving quadruple amputees.

His girlfriend Kelly has stayed by his side throughout his entire recovery.

Photographer Tim Dodd , Morris' childhood friend, captured many of the images that are circling the web.

Morris, 23, lost both of his legs, his right hand, and his left arm from the bicep down.

Video of the couple dancing at a close friend's wedding is also going viral.

Watch the video below:

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