Spokane, Washington couple sleeping in trash bin tossed into garbage truck

SPOKANE, Wa. - SPOKANE, Wash. - A man and the woman were taken to the hospital after being found inside a garbage truck early Tuesday morning.

The truck picked up a garbage bin near downtown early Tuesday morning.

Deputy Chief Dave Leavenworth of the Spokane Fire Department said the garbage truck driver started driving, he could hear sounds coming from the back of his truck.  

Then, a bag of garbage flipped over the top so he pulled over to check.

He saw that a man, a woman and a dog, were in the back of his truck. They had been sleeping In the bin and were picked up by the truck.

The man and woman are being taken to local hospitals to be evaluated. They were not injured by the compactor in the truck but from the fall into the truck.

The couple were later released from the hospital. Their dog is OK as well.