Sarah Cymbaluk posts video of 8-year-old daughter, Anna, to bring awareness to bullying

FOSSTON, Minn. - A family in Minnesota is receiving support after a mother posted a video to Facebook of her daughter describing bullies at school.

Sarah Cymbaluk posted a video of their 8-year-old daughter, Anna, describing bullies at school with her brother, 7-year-old Benjamin. 

Through tears in the video, Anna describes her feelings about the bullying. 

The video was viewed tens of thousands of times before the original was taken down by YouTube because it was "a violation in their terms and conditions."

According to WDAZ-TV, Jon and Sarah Cymbaluk met with school officials repeatedly, but said nothing was done. 

With futher pressure, school officials have agreed to offering a written apology.  An investigation is underway as school officials now look at school bus surveillance video.

The family claims Anna has been received verbal and physical mistreatment. 

Tuesday is Anna's birthday and she is asking people to wear her favorite color, orange.  She wants to start a movement called, "Orange you glad you aren't a bullet."

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