Sara Grossman's 'The Stand Up' allows women to urinate standing up

Sara Grossman, a California college grad, has created a device to make it easier for women to use the restroom outdoors and in unsavory conditions like a dirty public restroom or portable toilet.

It's called "The Stand Up" and it allows women to go to the bathroom standing-up.

Sara Grossman created the device to allow women to stand when urinating, to avoid having to sit on public toilet seats, or worse yet, when using a "porta-potty."

"I'm in the bathroom with women who are always saying they come out of a stall saying I really wish I could stand up," said Grossman.

Well they can with this.

While several people said "no" when asked if they'd use it, one brave passerby volunteered.

When asked if it worked, she responded, "I'd use it definitely camping... in a pinch... yeah."