Salvation Army bell ringing record: Salvation Army Captain Jim Brickson attempts to break record

A Minnesota Salvation Army worker is hoping to ring his bell into the record books, and raise more money for the organization for the holiday.

Salvation Army Captain Jim Brickson's is attempting to ring a bell for 80 hours straight.

He says, "to stay occupied. you look around, there's a lot of people here that are here to support me, support the salvation army and kind of work through, think about the things that the salvation does."

But he won't be standing there alone. There must be two witnesses to keep their eyes on him to make sure he's ringing the whole time, and there are also three pages of rules he must follow.

Captain Brickson can't eat, drink or sit unless he is on one of his short breaks.

"he will earn 5 minutes for every 60 minutes that he rings. and he can accumulate those hours."

The Minnesota record he is attempting to beat is 36 hours. But the ultimate goal is surpassing the record of 80 hours, and out lasting the other five ringers around the country trying for the same goal.

"it started out to be kinda just a thing for the salvation kind of just draw a little attention for our bell ringers, for our volunteers in freeborn county," said Captain Brickson.

He says 80 or more hours is the least he could do for a good cause.

"I'll get to stand in this nice, warm shelter and maybe I won't get to sleep, but I'll still be in someplace warm. There will be people that will be sleeping outside."

If Captain Brickson is still ringing at 7:01 on Friday night - he will have broken the record. He hopes to raise about three hundred dollars an hour. Brickson's attempt is being streamed live .