Road rage Australia video: Today Show spotlights windshield-smashing man, victim Ken Olsen

A 21-year-old Australian man was arrested after a scary road rage incident was caught on video.

The victim, Ken Olsen, was chased for miles by an irate man in a black pickup truck. Olsen had no idea why the man initially rear-ended his vehicle, then chased him and tried to run him off the road repeatedly.

Eventually the chase climaxed with the man slamming his truck into reverse and colliding with Olsen's vehicle. The man then leapt out of his truck and onto the hood of Olsen's vehicle, smashing Olsen's windshield with his arm.

Luckily for Olsen, the man fell off the hood onto the pavement and Olsen was able to speed away before the man could get back behind the wheel of his truck.

The man will face charges of willful damage and dangerous operation of a motor vehicle, according to .

Watch the frightening video below: (mobile users -

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