Rene Umberger: Scuba diver's regulator pulled off underwater; caught on camera off Kona Coast

(KHNL) An assault is caught on camera 50 feet underwater. The video shows one diver ripping off the air supply of another diver.

Now authorities in Hawaii are investigating.

Environmentalists and reef fish collectors have had disputes in the past, but this one may have crossed over into criminal action with one party calling for serious charges to be filed.

The video was taken off the Kona Coast last Thursday.

The dive turned ugly when one diver darts over and rips off Rene Umberger's breathing supply.

"This man needs to be arrested. I think this man needs to be arrested immediately for attempted murder," said Umberger, a coral reef consultant and scuba diver.

Umberger, 53, was eventually able to get her regulator back in and breathe again. That's when she captured the man make another threatening gesture with his arms toward her.

Umberger and the others were documenting damage to coral reefs when they came across the pair of divers who clearly didn't want their picture taken.
The scene was captured on two cameras.

Collecting reef fish is legal if you have a permit and are in a designated area and meeting fish size, season and quantity rules. There's no word from the state if the suspect was diving legally.

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