Portland lip dub proposal: Actor Isaac Lamb proposes in viral YouTube video shown on Today Show

Bruno Mars' "Marry You" isn't a particularly surprising choice for a wedding proposal song, but add 60 friends, perfectly timed choreography and 3.1 million YouTube views for the world's "first live lip-dub proposal", and we‘ve got something special.

Actor Isaac Lamb of Portland, Oregon pulled out all the stops to pop the question to his girlfriend, Amy, by placing her in the back of a moving vehicle as a sequence of romance-comedy like scenes played out before her.

Amy listened to The scenes eventually merged into a group dance and lip-sync dub along to the Marry Me tune, ending with Issac asking for Amy's hand in marriage.

Along with an emphatic yes, Issac has shot into the "viral" stratosphere becoming a favorite among popular internet wedding proposal videos.

You can see below or click here: http://bit.ly/LjQ7X7

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