Project Milk: Photographers capture women breastfeeding

They hope to raise positive awareness

BOCA RATON, Fla. - A gently breeze brushes the leaves on trees that create an archway over Lauren Marks and her 2-year-old son Landon.  Professional photographer Paulina Splechta frames her image. Marks is breastfeeding her son, as Splechta takes their portrait.

Marks says the act of breastfeeding has been a time of bonding with her child that is healthy.

"I know that different things work for different people and this happens to work for us," she said.

So far this summer, Splechta has photographed about twenty clients breastfeeding. She found it to be a unique moment on camera.

"What was happening between mom and baby was a lot more moving emotionally than what happens when you ask them to smile for the camera," she explained.

Splechta and a group of professional photographers have created a facebook page called "Project Milk" to display professional photos of women breastfeeding.

"And even if they have a negative reaction to it, at least they think," Splechta said.

They are trying to battle the negative reactions some moms face.

"Recently, I've had some people, I guess now that he's older, say, 'why, why didn't she feed that kid before she left the store? Or, to go to the store before she left the house.' Not to me or not that I've heard, but on social media," Marks said.

Splechta hopes others will see breastfeeding through her eyes as normal, healthy and beautiful.

"Why do you do a family photo shoot, why do you do a maternity family shoot?  These moments go by so quickly," Splechta said.

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