Pet store owner Dorothy Hunter is only eating pet food this month

A Washington woman is em*bark*ing on a new mission this month.

She's eating nothing but pet food for the next few weeks.

Dorothy Hunter owns Paws Natural Pet Emporium where this endeavor started during inventory.

"I didn't have time to go get a snack, so I grabbed a bag of treats off the counter, and I was like, wow, you know, these read better than normal people treats, so I started eating the treats and I was like, you know, I could do this for 30 days," said Hunter.

Now she's one week in, eating nothing but all natural dog and cat food, like freeze dried chicken.

"I've also been doing our oven baked blueberry treats, as well as freeze dried green beans, carrots, I'm even doing some canned cat food. This one is a succulent chicken, and it actually tastes really good. So I'm really happy with that one. I don't do raw bones or meat products like that, or the frozen because I'm just not into raw," she says.

Even some of her employees have joined in, snacking on kibble.

Now this experiment isn't about taste,

Dorothy has a bigger message, saying, "Learn about what you're eating and what you're feeding your pets. I think if we can get the awareness out of reading the ingredients, and really understanding what is in the pet food, that that will eventually carry over. If you're feeding your pet healthy, maybe you'll start reading the ingredients of your own foods, and maybe you can start eating healthy too."

Hunter says she is seeing some benefits from eating pet food already, "My feet aren't swelling as much as they usually do after I've been on a 10-hour day. I have lost 2.5 pounds, which I'm not gonna complain about that, but I'm not doing this to promote dog food, or to lose weight. But at the same token i want to show that i believe in our products."

Dorothy hunter says she is still drinking her coffee. And she says kibble tastes better with a little milk.