Paula Deen named hottest female TV chef by Maxim Magazine

Who do you think is the hottest female television chef in the world? Well, we can say this: Maxim Magazine probably disagrees with you.

In a stunning victory for butter-enthusiasts, Paula Deen was named world's hottest female TV Chef by Maxim Magazine , beating out the likes of Giada De Laurentiis, Eden Grinshpan, Suzanne Pirret, Padma Lakshmi and many more.

Maxim Magazine said in their listing, "Anthony Bourdain may think she's the most dangerous person in America thanks to her calorie-packed cooking, but we find danger sexy."

Instead of using a headshot of the southern chef to accompany the award, Maxim Magazine simply chose to plop a photo of a stick of butter below her name.

So, do y'all agree with this decision?

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