Teen's LOL comment on Facebook after DUI crash lands her in jail

KENTUCKY - A Facebooker had to eat her internet acronyms after posting the popular phrase "LOL" on her social media account ultimately landed her behind bars.

18-year-old Paula Asher of Kentucky received a DUI for driving under the influence of alcohol and hitting a car last week, according to ABC News.

Fortunately no one was injured, but it was the message she posted on her Facebook account that ruffled some feathers: "My dumb a** got a DUI and hit a car LOL."

The LOL stands for laugh out loud, but when the people who were in the car that she hit saw her post, they didn't find it funny at all.

They told Woodford County Judge Mary Jane Phelps about it at a court hearing on July 20, and the judge ordered Asher to shut down her Facebook page.

But Asher ignored the order, and since she didn't comply, she was sentenced to two days of jail for contempt on August 28.

When Asher returned to court on September 10, she apologized to the judge and the victims in the crash. 

At this time, Asher is working and not driving.

Read the complete story here: http://abcn.ws/OCZAgx

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