Ohio named Sweariest State: Ohioans cuss more than anyone else in the nation, study says

CINCINNATI -- A recent survey by the Marchex Institute claims that Ohioans swear more than any other state in the nation.

Marchex used data collected from 600,000 phone calls to business across 30 industries. The company scanned for curse words and linked the frequencies of these words to all states. They found that people in Ohio are more likely to curse.

The study found that 66 percent of the cussing came from men and that a majority of the cussing occurred in the morning, rather than the afternoon or evening.

Ohioans curse more than twice the rate of Washingtonians, according to the data. Washingtonians curse about every 300 conversations whereas Ohioans swore about every 150 conversations.

In second place for the state which cusses the most, Massachusetts. Third is Arizona, fourth is Texas and fifth is Virginia.

But that's not all Ohio is known for. Apparently, we are one of the least courteous states, ranking fifth as the least likely to say "please" and "thank you."

Marchex found that the least courteous state is Wisconsin and the most courteous being South Carolina.

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