Norway mysterious package: 100-year-old Johan Nygard package opened today at Norwegian museum

UPDATE: The package contained some letters from the United States. Something about finances for a Kringen memorial. Some newspapers.

More info on its contents and a play-by-play of its opening here :

A century-old mystery will finally be revealed today

At 12 p.m. EST Norwegian museum workers will unseal a 100-year-old package with the potential to thrill or disappoint generations of people.

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According to the Norwegian newspaper Verdens Gang , the package has been kept in a museum in Norway and includes a note from a man named Johan Nygard, requesting that the package stay sealed until 2012.    

WHAT WILL IT BE?     Watch as the package is opened live at 12 p.m. EST

The mysterious package dates back to August 26, 1912.

It weighs 3.1 kilos, is 40 cm wide, 28 cm deep, 9 cm thick and no one has any idea what's inside... but there's been plenty of speculation along the way.

It's believed Nygard was involved in local politics and reportedly walked up to the mayor, handed him the package and informed him that it's contents would "benefit and delight future generations".

Some say it could be the details of some sort of political scandal.

Or perhaps a small treasure? Old coins?

Whatever it is, the excitement is building as generations of people wait to find out if 100 years of anticipation will be worth the wait.


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