New Hampshire middle school student's pink sneakers got him teased

(WHDH) New Hampshire middle school student Ryan Marotta recently wore a pair of pink sneakers in honor of breast cancer awareness month.

Ryan's mother is a breast cancer survivor, but he was teased by other students for wearing pink.

Now some of his classmates have rallied to show support for him. Both girls and boys at the Windham, New Hampshire Middle School are wearing pink sneakers, pink shirts and pink socks to support a cause and a friend.

Ryan, 12, got the idea from NFL players who wear pink shoes during their games.

"My mom had cancer when I was about six years old. She survived," Ryan said.

However, Ryan stopped wearing the sneakers after he was teased.

"It made me feel depressed and sad because I knew that my mom had it and it made me, doubt getting the shoes," said Ryan.

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