Nathan Sorrell, Nike Olympic commercial YouTube video: Today Show interviews overweight boy running

Nike is getting some flak and some praise for a commercial it aired during the Olympics featuring an overweight boy.

The ad campaign, titled 'Find your greatness,' shows Nathan Sorrell, a 5-foot-3, 200 pounds, London, Ohio, native.

In the video, which has almost a million views on YouTube, Sorrell is shown running toward the camera down a country road.

For many, the commercial is unsettling, and shows the true struggle of physical fitness and finding the athlete inside you.

For others, the commercial is a way for Nike to exploit an overweight child for attention.

Watch the video below or by clicking here :

The Today Show interviewed Sorrell Monday morning. Watch the video below:

Do you think Nike went too far? Or do you think they deserve some praise for their message?

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