Naples Zoo bear photo goes viral when someone turned it into a meme.

NAPLES — Life really is a picnic for the black bears at the Naples Zoo at Caribbean Gardens.

A visitor’s photo of the one of the bears sitting at their picnic table recently went viral when someone turned it into a meme.

The caption reads, ”sometimes I wonder if there is more to life than just eating honey and stealing picnic baskets…”

The bears sitting at the picnic table are nothing new said Tim Tetzlaff, director of conservation and communication at the Naples Zoo.

The table was put in the “Black Bear Hammock” enclosure when it opened in 2009 and the bears get their food served on it everyday.

“It’s one of their favorite spots,” Tetzlaff said. “They sit there just like you or me.”

The only difference is that bears eat with their snouts, not with their paws, Tetzlaff said.

Two black bears, a male and a female live in the enclosure together where visitors can see their “pic-a-nic” everyday, as Yogi Bear would say.

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