Mr. ZIP: US Postal Service celebrates the birthday of Mr. ZIP

Zip codes have been in use for fifty years.  Monday, July 1st the Postal Service is celebrating the birthday of "Mr. ZIP."

In 1963, the Postal Service adopted the cartoon character used as a trademark for the Zoning Improvement Plan, or ZIP Code.  The purpose of the ZIP code was to improve handling of more mail, according to a USPS Spokesperson.

Originally, the character Mr. ZIP was created for a bank-by-mail campaign by Chase Manhattan Bank.  The creator, Harold Wilcox, worked for an advertising agency, the son of a letter carrier.  It was adapted to the new use with a new mail bag.

Flash forward to 2013 and ZIP Codes are used as a fundamental component in the national 911 emergency system.

See the Smithsonian's National Postal Museum at this LINK . Mobile users:

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