Michelle Pritchett video: Alabama mom assaults a group of men at the Sugar Bowl, video goes viral

A video of a woman leaping over a row of people to attack a group of men at the Sugar Bowl has gone viral.

Michelle Pritchett was watching the game from the Oklahoma fan side of the field on Thursday night and was reportedly engaged in a fairly friendly back-and-forth with some nearby Sooner fans.

But things changed when one of the Oklahoma fans taunted her son.

She walked over to the group and told them to stop.

She says that as she headed back to her seat, she heard someone call her a bad name.

That's when she leapt over a row of fans trying to punch some of the Oklahoma fans.

The crowd quickly grabbed her and tried to stop her from assaulting the group but she kept fighting.

When her upper half was restrained she flailed her legs, kicking a young man who jumped forward to escape the blows.

One video of her assault went viral and by Saturday had amassed nearly 2 million views.

"It had nothing to do about the ball game," she told AL.com in an interview Friday. "It had nothing to do with us losing. It started when he started taunting my son."

While it certainly appears that Pritchett was drunk, she claims that she wasn't, "And I wasn't intoxicated either. I want people to know that. I'd had a couple of drinks, but I was not intoxicated."

Asked if she would take it all back if she could, Pritchett said, "No. He was out of control."

However she did have some remorse after making a fool of herself, "I apologize to the whole Alabama team, to Nick Saban," she said. "I apologize to the whole Alabama base. That's not the way I would normally handle things."

Mobile users watch video here: http://bit.ly/1exIVmE

Source: AL.com

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