'Miami zombie' Rudy Eugene's family speaks, mother says victim Ronald Poppo was the attacker

MIAMI, Fla. -- Rudy Eugene, the man dubbed 'The Miami Zombie' is not the monster he's been portrayed as, his family says.

"I knew my son. Rudy will never, never do something like that," his mother Ruth Charles said.

Police shot and killed Eugene after they said he chewed off most of a homeless man's face in Miami.

He was found nude on side of a highway attacking Ronald Poppo, who is being treated at a local hospital.

Police aren't sure what prompted the attack.

"The truth of the matter is my brother would never, my brother would never, be homeless. You know what I'm saying? He would never be homeless. He had people that love him. He had somewhere to stay. He had somewhere to be," said Eugene's brother, who did not want to be named.

Investigators suspect it was a drug-induced psychosis, but Eugene's family doesn't believe that.

Eugene's family does not believe he was mentally ill, rather Eugene himself was the victim of violence, then got frightened and attacked Poppo.