McDonald's receipt tattoo: Norwegian teen gets arm inked

It's a meal this Norwegian teenager will never forget. How could he?

The receipt from a trip to McDonald's is tattooed on his right forearm, right down to the cheeseburgers and those special toppings he probably would have skipped if he'd known they would be painfully added to his tattooed tab.

The golden arches are occasionally spotted arching across someone's back or even lower. But a receipt?

Stian Ytterdahl's friends McEgged him on. He told a Norwegian newspaper that as punishment for having too much luck with the ladies he had to choose between a Barbie tattoo on his butt or the McDonald's receipt on his arm.

And since McDonald's ads portray a quarter pounder as a chick magnet, can a receipt be far behind?

The shop that inked this normally does images of pinup girls or pandas. They call the receipt the weirdest one they've ever done and say Ytterdahl, 18, has agreed to come back to get the tattoo shop's receipt tattooed free of charge on his left arm.

McDonald's of Norway tells CNN this was "not a marketing stunt, and not an employee! A very loyal customer!"

Stian says he's now a living billboard, conceding it may not be as fun when he's 50 or 60.

His McDonald’s receipt joins the ranks of oddball tattoos ranging from a toe tag to a gun in the waistband to a Hillary Clinton on his thigh.

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