Lori Welbourne topless interview: Canadian radio host takes off her top while interviewing mayor

A Canadian journalist took off her top during an interview with her local mayor last week.

Lori Welbourne, who hosts the radio show On The Rocks, was asking Kelowna, Canada, Mayor Walter Gray about whether it was legal in the town for women to bare their breasts in public.

"What if I went walking down the street topless?" she asked in the video interview.

Before Gray could respond, Wlbourne handed him the microphone and undid the strap on her dress, exposing her breasts, much to Gray's surprise and discomfort.

"What are you doing," he asked. "It's hot in here," she responds.

The stunt was tied in to Sunday's Go Topless Day, an event held annually to support the right of women to go topless in public. The event was established in 2007.

Watch video of the interview below.

Mobile users click here to watch video: (http://bit.ly/146jwLc)

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