LeBron James, Lauren Perdue: Miami Heat star asks Olympian to dinner, gets turned down

LONDON -- A top swimmer for the U.S. reportedly said no to a dinner invite from LeBron James, citing she didn't want to miss curfew.

The three-time NBA MVP asked swimmer Lauren Perdue on July 26 if she wanted to grab a bite to eat at Olympic Village.

Perdue passed.

But she did post an Instagram photo of her and the Miami Heat forward on her Twitter account.

In interviews, Perdue said LeBron was "kinda joking" when he asked her, but she didn't want to risk missing curfew.

I'm sure LeBron's wife-to-be, Savannah Brinson, and mother of his two children, has nothing to worry about. Afterall, there's nothing romantic about a dining hall.

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