Lauren Willen and Drew Garrett 'Hot Problems' YouTube video goes viral, called the worst song ever

TAMPA - Rebecca Black is so last year. The teenager singer behind 2011's Friday and Person of Interest has competition if she wants to have the title of worst song of the year.

Double Take's song Hot Problems is going viral on the interest for all the wrong reasons. With more than eight months left in 2012, critics are already calling Hot Problem the worst song of the year -- if not ever.

Double Take consists of two 17-year-old girls from California. Lauren Willen and Drew Garrett readily admit they really can not sing.

"So we decided to go for more of a talking singing," said Garrett.

The Hot Problems lyrics describe how hard it is to be hot teenage girl:

" Please don't get me wrong. I know that I'm hot. But textbook perfection really takes a lot. Boys call me stuck up; girls say I'm conceited. On behalf of all hot girls - those comments aren't needed."

But the duo says the song does not describe their own lives.

"We don't think that we're that hot, no," said Willen. "We wanted something funny to show our friends. We really didn't mean anything from it."

Despite saying that, Lauren and Drew do in face have girl problems. Both are currently lacking dates for their senior prom.

The teens will graduate from high school in a few months. Though Lauren says she wants to major in international business and Drew in animal science, the girls hint their songwriting days may not be over.

Watch Hot Problem below or at

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