Laughing baby that became YouTube sensation featured on 'Today Show'

It has pulled in nearly 6 million hits on the web

- An adorable YouTube video of a baby with an infectious laugh first made our news on Monday; days later, it continues to make headlines.

Baby Micah was 8 months old when he became hysterical as his unemployed dad ripped up a piece of paper. Micah's dad said he had received yet another rejection letter. When he ripped it in half, Micah started laughing. Dad then started ripping credit card statements and the laughter continued.

The family has actress Alyssa Milano to thank for helping with the video's popularity. Milano tweeted about the video and since then, it has pulled in nearly 6 million hits on the web!

"We just wanted to be able to share the video with as many people as possible and it's been really neat to see all the comments people post on the YouTube clip because some people, you can just tell the joy the clip is spreading and the laughter and the lighting up people's days," Marcus McArthur, Baby's Father.


NBC contributed to this report.

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