Kryasta Gearhart: Woman shot at Pennsylvania gun show during demonstration

BLOOMSBURG, PA (WNEP/CNN) - Investigators say a salesman accidentally shot his customer in the leg during a demonstration.

Outside the Eagle Arms Gun Show at the Bloomsburg Fairgrounds the sign plainly states, “Loaded weapons are not allowed.”

But police in Columbia County say vendor Geoffrey Hawk, the owner of In Case of Emergency didn't follow that rule and accidentally shot Kryasta Gearhart of Orangeville in the thigh with a semi-automatic 380 while he was demonstrating a concealed carry holster. Something that is normally done with a plastic model.

This time the vendor used a real gun.

Eric Bower heard the gun fire and the victim scream.

"Everybody paused for a second and their initial reaction was making sure there wasn't more, and then they rushed to her aid," Eric Bower said.

He said while the crowd stayed calm, some vendors were upset.

“I think the dealers were upset because it makes them look bad," Eric Bower said.

Police closed down an aisle for about an hour so they could investigate, otherwise it is business as usual at the gun show through the weekend.

Customers say this is the last place they would expect to get shot.

"Stupid mistake, honest mistake I guess, I wouldn't do it," said Pat Bower.

Paul Neff says when weapons are purchased a tag is placed around the trigger, and that anyone whose lively hood involves fire arms can't afford to make a mistake.

"He should have been more careful,” Neff said. “Absolutely he should have known better."

Courtesy: CNN Newsource