King Tobias: 5-year-old huge fan of The Beatles gets to meet Ringo Starr, excited to see McCartney

5-year-old King Tobias knows his Beatles music.

He's been listening to the fab four since he could barely walk.

His mother Cali Tobias believes it was at the age of two that he heard his first Beatles tune on a cd.

Not only does King listen to The Beatles, every nook and cranny of his room is covered in Beatle's memorabilia.

Cali says the fact that King can sing or listen to Beatles music at all is a miracle.

He is the only survivor of a set of triplets and his mother says doctors had little hope he would make it.

King not only survived, he's thrived. And he not only sings Beatles tunes, but four months ago he started learning to play Beatles songs on the guitar.

King's guitar instructor Kyle Chapman has never seen anything like it, saying, "He pretty much sees what I do and then does it. When it comes to writing it out, it doesn't really matter. He just sees and does it."

And the two play just Beatles music... why?

King says, "Well I like them because they have good music. They make music that's loving people. and don't want to hurt people... just trying to love people."

King wants to make music too and Cali wants to help king fulfill that dream. But there's an urgency now.

cali has had four recurrences of breast cancer and is now fighting ovarian cancer.

Knowing how precious her time is, she called to get special tickets to see Ringo Starr in San Jose this past weekend.

One call led to another and King and Cali ended up with Ringo Starr backstage.

"When we met he said, "Hey brother give me a hug." He told me I'm his brother now cuz (sic) I have zero brothers and now I have four brothers!"

Cali recalls, "He sat and played Ringo Starr's drums and it was funny because they were like 'how long has he been playing the drums?' and i was like, 'this is his first time' and they didn't believe me."

King and Cali have tickets to see Paul McCartney at Candlestick Park on August 14th, the very last concert at the ball park.

Hopefully King will be able to meet one of his other idols that day or as Ringo Starr told King, his "other brother."

King starts first grade the day of the Paul McCartney concert.

Cali says she's already spoken to the principal and King has been excused from school that day.