Justin Jedlica: He's known as human Ken doll

Justin Jedlica admits he’s known in the media as the human Ken doll.

“I've spent $170,000 on 152 cosmetic procedures."

He says, "I think I look amazing in all honesty."

Justin's life's passion is remodeling his body. "I mean I think it's flattering. I would hope that people would look at that and they would assimilate that I do resemble this Ken doll and it's an iconic child figure that we think of as you know a handsome male."

It all started with his first nose job at just 18-years-old. "I didn't really fit a lot as a teen. Like being an out gay individual felt like an outsider a lot. The lack of acceptance was sort of overwhelming at times."

Now his plastic surgery resume is a long one! He's had a brow lift, cheek, lip and chin augmentations, four shoulder surgeries, triceps implants, buttock injections, Botox, his brow bone shaved, five nose jobs, dental work, pec implants and bicep implants. "You know I was definitely looking for more a superhero look."

And he's not done yet!

"I'm getting my latissimus muscles so I'm doing my wings on my back. And I have what I call my five year plan… abs, quads and calves."