Joy Feldman, author of Is your hair made of donuts? encourages healthy eating

The doughnut hat has become a signature hair accessory for Joy Feldman when she goes to schools and organizations to read her new children's book, "Is Your Hair Made of Donuts?".

Feldman, a nutrition expert, hasn't always been a health guru.

"I was a lawyer. I did corporate mergers and acquisitions," she explains.

That was in the 1980s.

In the early 1990s she became very ill.

"It was after I delivered my first child. About six months after delivering, my joints started to swell in my body to the point where I couldn't work," Feldman said.

Feldman said she had some sort of auto-immune issue.

It was after she found a doctor who specialized in nutrition and after she changed to a more balanced diet that she felt normal again.

"Lots of vegetables. One half to two-thirds of my plate were cooked vegetables," she said.

Feldman changed careers and became a nutritional consultant with clients worldwide.

It was her clients who talked her into writing the book, "Joyful Cooking in Pursuit of Good Health."

"It basically describes the entire nutritional balancing science program," Feldman said.

It also has simple, healthy recipes.

Then she was inspired to write "Is Your Hair Made of Donuts?" Feldman said she was at the airport with her family when she noticed a lot of kids eating lots of sweets, mainly donuts.

"I walked onto the plane. I sat down next to my family and I said I just thought of the title of the book, 'Is Your Hair Made of Donuts.'"

Feldman's message to the young and young at heart -- make it simple.

She makes a turkey veggie chili which uses dark turkey meat.

"It has more nutrition and has a little more fat, which I love children to have some good healthy fat," she said.

Carrot juice is another big recipe Feldman pushes.

When she reads the book at schools, Feldman prepares the juice in front of them.

"It's got a lot of vitamins. It even has bio available calcium in it," she said.

And the kids drink it all up.

Her new book is silly, with a simple message -- you are what you eat.

"What you eat affects your brain and your skin and all of your organs," Feldman said.

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