Journalists tweet from Sochi, complain about awful condition of media hotel at Olympic games

First impressions of the accommodations in Sochi, Russia has broadly not been good, an assessment which, in large part, has been formed by the unpreparedness of hotels set aside for media.

Journalists are known to be a vainglorious lot but there is a serious point here that rooms booked for large expense, months in advance, are not ready and their state was not communicated well to those affected.

At worst this could test the claim of IOC president Thomas Bach that all but 3% of rooms are ready.

It raises fears of spectators who are traveling from far and wide that they could be left out in the cold.

At best it's something of a PR disaster.

Frustrating those with the loudest mouths is an early own-goal to concede and one that London, which contended with its own doom-mongers ahead of the 2012 opening ceremony, avoided with aplomb.